Black and Red Hair

If you don’t really fancy the idea of dying all of your hair red, maybe you think it will be too bright, too different or maybe you’re just not comfortable with having all of it red yet? You could try having black and red hair instead. This style will still be very eye catching but perhaps not as much as having a full head of red hair!

Depending on your natural hair color you may have to use black dye as well as red dye to obtain this look. If you have natural black hair then you won’t have a problem!

Black and Red Hair

Some people decide to dye their hair blonde before dying it red to make sure that the final color is really bright. Sometimes this doesn’t have to be done depending on the color that you are dying on top of. By bleaching your hair first, it will make the color take to the hair better and also make the hair much brighter.

Be careful if you decide to bleach your hair before applying the red dye because there is a risk that your hair will just turn bright orange or bright pink instead! If you aren’t sure about what you should do, speak to a professional stylist first or get them to do it for you.

Having red and black hair can look really nice, some people prefer to have bright red streaks through their black hair while others might prefer to have black and dark red ombre hair for a more casual look.

There are a number of different ways that you can put this color combination together, it all depends on your personal preference and if it is suitable for your job or school.

Take a look at the video below to see how easy and effective having a small amount of red in your hair can be.

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