Hair Ideas for Red Heads

Having a red hair color has become really popular over the past couple of years. Everyone from big time celebrities like Rhianna to college girls are getting their hair dyed red.

Natural red heads and dyed red heads are embracing the wonderful shades of red and showing them off for all the world to see.

Want a change of hair color? Bored of your usual style? GO RED!

Having a red hair color can drastically change your appearance! Something to always remember is that your skin tone will be the deciding factor in choosing the shade of red that will best suit you.

Hair Color Ideas for Red Heads

There are so many different types of red hair dye that are available now. Whether you’re having your hair dyed at a professional salon or are planning on dying it yourself, it can be quite daunting trying to decide which type of red you should try! Of course once you’ve found one that suits you best you can just stick with that one, but it’s getting to that stage that can take a while.

Some people prefer not to dye all of their hair and instead decide to put red streaks through it, this can look really nice! If you don’t really want to have all of you hair dyed red yet then you can definitely mix it up and get a different look by putting red streaks through your hair.

No matter what color your hair is you will be able to put streaks though through it, you can also make it as bright or subtle as you like depending on the effect you’re hoping to achieve. You could also add red hair extensions to your hair, this mean you don’t have to dye any of your hair, perfect if you just want to test the look out!

How to Get The “Perfect Color”

If you haven’t dyed your hair red before you might be a little scared about how it might look “will it look right?” “will it suit me?” “how bright will it be?!

These are all very good questions no matter what color you are thinking of dying your hair. One of the best things you can do if you want to really make sure that you will be happy with it is to dye a small part of your hair before doing all of it. If you’re dying it yourself, follow the step by step instructions that came with the hair dye and use the red dye on just a small part of your hair, follow the instructions just like you would if you were going to do all of it, this will give you the best idea of what your hair will look like once the dye has been applied.

If you’re having it dyed at a salon, your hair stylist should have no problem dying a small portion of your hair to let you make the final decision (consider arranging this beforehand so that they know.)

Something that many people don’t know is that red hair dye is notorious for being one of the hair colors that lasts the shortest amount of time. As with all hair dyes it can damage your hair if you don’t properly care for your hair. It’s important to use conditioners!

Check out the video below by pinkl0vexx and see what she has to say about her gorgeous hair and how she dyes it.